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Root Canal Therapy

Diagram of an infected tooth in need of a root canal - Prosthodontist Valparaiso, INA root canal, also referred to as endodontic therapy, is a dental procedure that is performed to remove infection from a tooth that would otherwise require extraction. Root canal therapy will be Michael Drone, DDS’s last attempt to save a tooth that has become infected. There are many reasons why a tooth might become infected, including trauma, decay, cracks, fractures or where there previously may have been a large cavity filling.

Michael Drone, DDS will recommend root canal therapy if the pulp of a tooth has become infected. Because the pulp of the tooth contains many nerve endings, an infection in this area can be rather painful. When the pulp of a tooth becomes infected Michael Drone, DDS will perform a root canal to remove all of the infected tissue. The tooth is cleared of all infected matter, cleansed and filled. After filling it will likely be recommended that a crown is placed to further protect the tooth; which can become brittle following the procedure.

When is a root canal necessary?

A root canal becomes necessary when the pulp (or living) part of a tooth becomes infected. It is a common misconception amongst patients that simply removing a problematic tooth is the most effective and economical way to treat a tooth infection. This is not correct, for once a tooth is removed it must be replaced or further oral health concerns will arise.

A tooth that is removed and not replaced can lead to a wide array of problems of the mouth. For instance, shifting of the adjacent teeth can occur if a tooth is removed and not replaced within an adequate amount of time. Not only that, but without constant stimulation to the jaw bone loss becomes a reality, which may lead to structural shifting of the face.

Some reasons that Michael Drone, DDS might recommend root canal therapy for you include:

•  Excessive wear due to bruxism (grinding of the teeth)
•  If a trauma or injury has occurred, leaving the tooth cracked or fractured
•  If the living part of the tooth, the pulp, has become infected
•  If there is an abscess within the tooth

It is important to understand that though root canal therapy is typically successful, it is not 100 percent guaranteed. To increase the odds for success, a dental crown should be placed over the treated tooth within 30 days of a root canal to fully restore the tooth’s function and appearance, along with protecting the tooth from further damage.

Root Canal Procedure

The procedure typically does not take more than an hour, but can take longer depending on the amount of damage. During your root canal procedure the area to be treated will be numbed with local anesthetic. Once numbed, Michael Drone, DDS will open the top of the tooth and proceed to remove all infected tissue. Once he is confident that the infection and debris have been removed he will then cleanse the area with a medicated wash and fill the tooth with a material called gutta percha. This filling acts as a protective agent preventing the affected tooth from becoming further infected.

Once the filling material has hardened completely and the tooth healed, it will be recommended that a crown is placed. Since our dental crowns are custom created it can therefore take 2 to 4 weeks to have the crown fabricated and permanently placed. One placed, the crown helps to restore the natural function and appearance to the smile.

Though most root canal treatments can be performed in the office, occasionally a serious infection is present or the root structure of the affected tooth is so complex that it requires a specialist, known as an endodontist. If your treatment requires a referral to an endodontist, you can rest assured that our office staff will work closely with the specialist to formulate the best treatment plan, transfer medical records and help you understand your patient financial responsibility.

We will help to coordinate appointments and once the procedure is complete and the tooth healed you will return to Michael Drone, DDS to have a permanent crown placed.

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